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How to install a water heater
1. Turn off the water to the house or building. There should be a shut off valve in the front of the house.
2. Turn off the gas to the water heater. there should be a gas valve there on the gas line going to the water heater.
3. Once the water and gas is turned off , you can start to drain the water from the water heater by connecting a hose to the drain valve on the water heater and running the hose out to a safe location where hot water discharging from the hose will not hurt any one or any thing. 
4. Once the water is drained from the water heater you can start to disconnect the water flex connectors and the gas flex connector.
5. Next you can remove the vent to the water heater.
6. Remove the blown off release valve, piping and earth quake straps.
7. Now you can remove the old water heater and install the new one.
8. Reinstall the new heater connecting the water flex connectors, gas flex connector, release valve and vent. Please note,  if any of the flex connectors or valves look worn or old please replace.
9. Turn on water and test for leaks.
10. Turn on gas and light polit.
You just replaced your water heater, good job.